Friday, 20 November 2015

Another blog break

My husband Owen  is currently in the Intensive Care Unit of our local hospital.  He went in on 1st November with severe pneumonia, he was critically ill.  He also had sepsis (blood poisoning) which meant that some of his organs weren't working as they should.

He is starting to get better but it will be a long process and he'll need lots of help and support before he is back to 100% health.  Whilst I'm concentrating on Owen my crafting must take a back seat.

So this is just an update to let any readers out there know why I'm not posting regularly at the moment.  Crafting is more than a hobby for me, it's almost a therapy.  Going through this anxious time is when I need it most and this is when I have the least amount of time and energy to do it!

I really do hope to be back creating and blogging regularly at some point.  Being realistic, I think it could be the beginning of the new year before that happens though.

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