Monday, 13 January 2014

So sorry folks, I'm needing to take a break

Hi everyone,
I'm so so sorry, I know my blogging has been hit and miss lately.  I'm afraid life has thrown some challenges at me recently and I'm struggling to get everything done.  I was hoping to get back on track this week but my hubby Owen had an accident on his way to work yesterday.  He's been patched up with stitches but as he's out of action that means I have even less spare time to craft and blog at the moment.

Therefore, rather than stressing myself out further by trying to get absolutely everything done, I've prioritised and I think the right thing for me to do is to take some time away from crafting and blogging for now. 

I will be back creating and sharing as soon as I can!

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Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about Owen, hope he is ok. Hope you are ok too and manage to overcome your challenges soon. Sometimes a blogging/crafting break is for the best. Take care Ruth xx

Lisbeth K said...

Hope your hubbie soon recovers, and that you can go back to crafting :) Warm wishes to you both

Lisbeth xx

Gibmiss said...

Hi Ruth
Sorry to hear ....all your bad news... Hope your husband gets better quickly.....
See you soon....
Hugs Sylvie x

Jacqueline said...

Take care - Jacqueline xx

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