Monday, 10 December 2012

You MUST Look At What Lesley Made!

This is the fabulous and festive exploding box Christmas card Lesley gave me at card group.

Here's a closer look at the lid.

Here's the wonderful sight that greets you when you take the lid off! 

Each of the four green pockets holds a tag.

Here is a close up of the sweet scene in the centre.  A deer family, tree, chocolate snowman, snowballs - and just look at those itty bitty wrapped and decorated gifts!

Absolutely AMAZING isn't it?!  Can you imagine the time, effort and tremendous patience that went into it? Guess what - Lesley made an exploding box for everyone at card group - that's TEN of these!  TEN!    * faints at the thought *  I'd have lost the will to live halfway through the first one!  Plus she's made more for family and friends!

I know Lesley looks at my blog - she's lovely, a real sweetheart and she'll be embarrassed that I've showcased her talent here!  But I feel something as fabulous as this needs to be shared!



heartfelt thanks for this beautiful creation, I will treasure it always!  We had guests at our home on Saturday night and they were all blown away by it!  Ruth x


Jacqueline said...

Hi Ruth and Lesley - it's a fabulous creation - I love exploding boxes - even better if they have chocolate snowmen in them! It's stunning - you are a lucky lady Ruth to receive on e of them - Jacqueline xx

Mynnette said...

Oh, wow!!!! This is amazing! I love the beautiful top and the inside is phenomenal! An absolutely stunning creation! When will Lesley's blog be started?! ;) We would love to see more!!! Mynnette xx

Danielle Vincent said...

That is so amazing! How very blessed you are to have such a wonderful (and crafty chocolate lovin' friend). So nice of you to share - even if she will be embarrassed.

sandie said...

Wow this is fantastic. Please tell Lesley this is perfection

Rocky said...

What a great creation Lesley, thanks for showing us Ruth, it's lovely.

Patty Gorka said...

WOW, that's amazing! She did such a beautiful job making this! The details are perfect!

Louise van Vuren said...

Please tell Lesley I think her creation is amazing, and to make 10...!!! I love the outside which is so professional but inside blows me away! You are very lucky Ruth to have such a talented and generous crafter in your midst.

Louise xx

kelly said...

wow, you must have had to have a sit down when you were given that, what a clever lady!!! Love the stamp she's used for the top, is it SU?
Kelly xx