Monday, 12 March 2012

A Non Card Project - With Knobs On!

My friend Gill gave me a chest of drawers that had contained Sanctuary bath goodies.  I've trained my friends very well - they know not to throw boxes out until I've taken a peek to see if I can do anything with them!  This box is very sturdy and I was delighted to get it - but, my goodness, it was VERY orange!  I really love the flower and leaf designs but I couldn't leave the box as it was, I couldn't live with that much orange!

I saw this lovely chest of drawers recently that had been covered with SU! Spice Cake papers and I thought I would alter my chest with those papers too.  However, having recently got the utterly gorgeous Everyday Enchantment SAB papers I chose those to alter my chest.  I thought the colour scheme went so much better with the deep red carcase.  Originally I was going to cover the whole chest but I decided to just cover the drawer fronts and to add knobs to the drawers.  Quick and easy  - right?!

Wrong - who knew knobs could be so troublesome?!  The first lot I bought had to be taken back because the screws that came with the knobs weren't the right size so you couldn't fit the screw and knob together - no way, no how!  So then I chose these small wooden ones and at least the screws fitted - but they were very long.  Owen makes a trip to the shed to get some shorter ones - success - but they're still too long and my knobs are wobbly.  Owen says we need washers to sort this issue out so off he goes to the shops.  He was gone ages and when he came back he had no washers.  He'd managed to find some rubber discs but they didn't have holes in but he thought we could make our own holes.  I get  my trusty Crop-a-dile out and make all the holes, that thing cuts like butter!  So eventually, my knobs are on and they're not wobbly - yay!  Here's the finished result.

I couldn't decide which papers to use so I used two patterns.  This is now gracing a bookshelf holding all kinds of odds and ends and I love it!



CREATIVE M said...

OMG!This is too Cute!Super Cute!!TFS!

kelly said...

thats gorgeous Ruth, so much better than that awful orange!!! What is it with people and orange?
Kelly xx

Margaret said...

Wow! That was one ORANGE chest of drawers! Beautiful renovation and the knobs look wonderful!